More Than Five Decades Of Legal Experience In Residential And Construction Litigation

Aggressive And Effective Residential Construction Litigation

If a new home or property has a defect, the owner has the right to damages for the construction company’s poor job. In California, homeowners have up to 10 years to claim damages for latent defects. Owners may also be able to sue for damage to property caused by construction errors or a breach of contract.

My history of construction litigation allows me to assist with most property disputes. At the Law Office of Brian W. Newcomb, clients will have an attorney who has resolved California real estate issues for over four decades. My Menlo Park office is available for clients who want to protect themselves and their property.

A Seasoned Construction Defect Lawyer

I can help professionals navigate the complex and confusing world of California property law. I can explain a seller’s liability and what rights an owner has against a contractor. My firm has experts and resources to check defects and determine what is needed to fix them.

Common construction issues I can litigate include:

  • A lack of foundation in homes
  • Incorrectly set ridgeboard in roofs
  • General problems with residential construction
  • Incomplete items in new construction

Working with a lawyer during construction litigation may help avoid a lien on property. My experience helps me understand the facts of a case and where my clients have leverage. I assist my clients with understanding the cost of a case versus the cost of having their home fixed. By working with me, Brian W. Newcomb, homeowners receive a fair and straightforward assessment of their case.

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