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My name is Brian W. Newcomb, and clients across the Bay Area have come to my law practice for help with their residential real estate needs since 1973. Since then, I have become deeply involved in real estate developments in and around San Francisco. When you work with me, you can rely on my experience and knowledge to handle your case.

I Serve Clients In The San Francisco Bay Area In All Manner Of Residential Real Estate Cases

A Skilled Real Estate And Construction Lawyer

I gained years of experience working in law offices in Menlo Park and Palo Alto. I enjoy property law and have extensive knowledge of California regulations. My firm always works with my clients’ best interests in mind, acting as a resource for individuals and businesses with legal concerns.

Founder And Sole Attorney

Brian W. Newcomb

A Reputable Real Estate Attorney With Deep Knowledge And Experience

Real estate represents some of the most important investments that we make in our lives, and at my office, I have helped thousands of clients protect their property. Whether you are buying a home or an investment property, I can help you find counsel and an effective legal strategy to resolve your situation or accomplish your goals.

With over five decades of experience in the San Francisco real estate market, I have established myself as an authority with practical experience and knowledge of the local area. My practice serves clients in complex, high-value residential real estate purchases and disputes.

Effective Resolution Of Construction And Real Estate Matters

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